Get ready for a more effective communication

Advertising your cultural and touristic activities as well as your events - to their fair value - is a real challenge. Pindex wants to provide a fast and simple solution.

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Pindex Flow

Diffuse your events and activities on online agendas with a few clicks

Simply manage the promotion of your activities and events on all diffusion channels and online agendas from a single spot. If you are seeking to optimize your time and not do the same tasks on each diffusion channel, Pindex Flow is the right fit for you !

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Save time

Because your time is so precious, the content of your activities and events is centralized, then diffused on all diffusion channels of your choice.

A wide range of choices

To each activity, to each event, the right diffusion channels. A wide range of channels for the promotion of your activities and events.

Pindex Tours

An interactive way to offer guided tours

Pindex Tours gives you the possibility to re-create your guided tours. Your tour is directly available on the Pindex App: guide your visitors and enrich their experience !

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Immersion and interaction

Pindex Tours makes your tour stand out: your visitors will be immersed into your guided tour. Interacting with the Pindex App will provide them a unique and unforgettable experience.

The right content, at the right moment

Each point of interest during the tour is unique, and so is each information provided: text, image, sound, video and much more, such as creating your own combinations.

We have tested this app. Fun, super easy to use, Pindex is the ideal companion to discover our region from an innovative point of view.

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Sylvia Freda

The students arrive highly motivated, their eyes glowing with enthusiasm and discovery, aware of the chance to have been given this opportunity. Indeed, only 11 projects out of the 37 which received a XGrant support scholarship took part to the Swissnex camp during these two editions.

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EPFL Magazine
Tatiana Soliani Brivio

From Lamatrekking in Lamboing to the asphalt mines in Val-de-Travers, there is one for everyone's taste.

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Méline Murisier

What could we do today? Well, the answer might come from young Neuchâtelois […] who developped an application.

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Couleurs locales

Pindex App

The best partner to make the most of your free time

Pindex App provides the general public a new way to discover a region, its culture, activities and events, based on their taste and preferences.

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Pindex App is available for free on iOS. Easy to use, it is every visitor's best partner: activities, events and guided tours can all be found in the same application.


Pindex Search allows you to personalize each of your searches. Even better still, it will get to know you better day after day, in order to propose you in advance thrilling activities and events.