Here is the 1st simple, affordable, and turnkey smartphone-enhanced guided tours technology

Pindex Tours Collégiale Saint-Imier
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Our technology, your tour.

Creating an interactive guided tour your visitors will love: a piece of cake!


Pick your formula

Choose the plan that better suits your needs.

Master our solution

Create your tour lightning-fast and in full autonomy in our Design Studio.

Create and manage your tour

Whether leveraging our proven models or entirely custom, your tour will remain in keeping with the times.
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Fast, simple, and innovative

It is now your turn to create your augmented experience!


Augmented Reality (AR), quizes, and mini-games are at your fingertips to enhance your tours with unprecedented interactivity and playfulness.


Pindex Tours is a single app, bringing all tours together in the same place for your visitors' convenience, but also to let you benefit from our technology at an affordable price.


Update your tours instantly and in a few clicks to renew the experience of your visitors.


Trust our expertise and let our proven tour models guide you through. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Pindex Tours in action

Our solution will sublime any type of tour, no matter if indoors our outdoors. Whether in a city, a natural park or a museum, Pindex Tours will never fail to guide your visitors while delivering a unique experience mixing learning, playful content, and interaction to them.

Pindex Tours Saint-Imier

Renewed authenciticy in Saint-Imier

This tour of 10 places at the heart of Saint-Imier offers a new digital momentum of authenticity to the town by ingeniously intertwining Augmented Reality, original testimonies from inhabitants, and authentic content from the official archives of the Jura bernois.

Pindex Tours Evologia

Increased flexibility at Evologia

"Guiding visitors at any given time." Natural park Evologia are constantly reinventing themselves and this was their number one reason for using Pindex. Whenever the content of a tour has to change so frequently, a paper map is often outdated.

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We were looking for a solution to modernize two of our paper-based guided tours. Pindex Tours proved to be even more interesting than that: a complete interactive system to immerse our visitors in the History of our town.

Beat Grossenbacher
Beat Grossenbacher
Municipal chancellor, Saint-Imier
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From a touristic standpoint, the product and its technical features are in line with visitors' expectations.

Guillaume Davot
Guillaume Davot
Directeur at Jura bernois Tourism

It is now time to move on to guided tours of the 21st century Our team is looking forward to starting the Pindex Tours experience with you.