A life-size treasure hunt in Saint-Imier!

Immerse your visitors with a unique and interactive guide

In a digital era, retaining visitors' attention and interest is no match for paper maps and audio-guides. Pindex is their must-have companion for unique experiences they will remember for a long time. Ready to take the leap?

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An interactive guide that looks just like you

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Is your tour about engineering? About comics? About archaeology? No problem, we have the perfect map for you. Just choose from our catalog or create you own!

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A meaningful message for every point of interest

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but what about videos, Augmented Reality (AR), podcasts and mini-games? Whatever you need, we've got you covered! Our unique Content Blocks system enables you to combine your artefacts and deliver your message the best way possible.

“Think of it as Lego® bricks! Play and assemble various media types to open up the field of possibilities!”

Timothée Duran
Timothée Duran, Co-founder
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Unprecedented evolutivity

Whether you want to upgrade the content of your tour or create an exclusive Easter or Halloween version, our Tour Studio enables you to brush up or pep up your tour as easily as ABC.

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