Example Evologia - flexibility through digitization

Learn how the flexibility of Pindex Tours enables Evologia to guide their visitors at all times.

From the beginnings of Pindex

Pindex and Evologia - a story that's been going on for years.

When at Pindex, we were only at our beginnings. When we were a multi-cultural and touristic agenda in the Jura & 3 Lakes region, the team at Evologia already showed a strong interest in digitization.

Over the years, our interactive guided tours system progressively replaced the agenda, offering new possibilities to actors in the cultural and tourism industry. So we naturally re-approached the park of Evologia through its director Mr. Jean-Luc Seiler.

We could immediately sense their interest in Pindex Tours. Still, as of end-2019, we understood their digital needs to augment visitors' experience at a deeper level.

The crucial point: guiding visitors at all times

Even though the park is open to everybody at any hour of the day or night, the fantastic diversity of places to visit, events, and activities in Cernier can easily confuse visitors. A simple paper guide or a large printed map at the park entrance offers exciting perspectives. Still, it cannot fulfill all of Evologia's requirements.

The paper map at Evologia is not always flexible enough

In addition to the need to help visitors find their way through the park, the different places to visit evolve quickly, and various events take place all along the pathway. As time flies from Summer to Winter and back, the organized activities change from month to month.

We took the opportunity to partner with the team at Evologia to design a simple and intuitive tour for visitors, letting them go through the 19 points of interest of the park. To help them tell the multitude of available spots apart more efficiently, we augmented our app with a set of new icons to represent all points of interest differently on the map.

New well-thought media types: timetables and events

To address the more critical needs of the park, our team of developers worked on an intuitive way to display timetables and events on the screen, entirely customizable for every point of interest. Additionally, it is even possible to show an important message to communicate about exceptional closings or last-minute changes.

Timetable Pindex
Updating timetables in the app is a piece of cake

Recently, we released our Content Management System (CMS), called the Design Studio, empowering the team at Evologia with real-time change capabilities. In a few clicks, updates are published into the apps instantaneously and without the need for visitors to perform some manual updates.

In addition to opening and closing schedules, we created a new specialized media type to communicate about events taking place in the park. Such events can obviously be created and administrated from the Design Studio.

Next steps for the tour

And it's not over! The Evologia team is already working on taking advantage of numerous Pindex media types to create original, playful, and interactive experiences for their visitors. For example, our technology enables them to set up a treasure hunt quite easily. It would be possible to enhance it and make it evolve through the seasons or stick to recurring thematics like Easter or Halloween.

App Pindex
The Evologia tour in the Pindex app

We are looking forward to discovering the various applications of our solution in this beautiful place!

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