Unrivaled flexibility with Pindex Blocks

Each point of interest of your tour has its own story to tell! Pindex offers you a wide variety of expressive media types to create unique experiences your visitors will remember for a long time! Combine videos, soundtracks, texts, 3D animations, Augmented Reality scenes, and more to your liking.

Add a new media, remove another, reorder them, experiment, and find the best sequence to create a unique experience!

With style, please!

Pindex offers you full flexibility to customize the look and feel of your tour: colors, fonts and pictograms. Your tour is truly yours.

You are in control

Our powerful and intuitive Tour Studio keeps you in control over your tour. Change it, improve it and pep it up real-time and in a few clicks!
Customer profile user interface

It is now time to move on to guided tours of the 21st century Our team is looking forward to starting the Pindex Tours experience with you.