Content is the secret behind a successful tour

Although the Pindex technology brings the interactivity and playfulness of your tours to an unprecendeted level, it would not prevail over high-quality content.

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We partner with highly-qualified content creators to assist and advise you in this crucial task.

Project management

We take care of your project from partners research to the final rendering of your content.

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Cultural mediation

Communicating simply about an artist's work is a real challenge. Our cultural mediators are happy to help you.

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Graphic design & image capture

Ensure consistency among the visual elements of your tour or decorate it with special-purpose pictures or videos.

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3D content & animations

Our specialized partners can create various 3D animations or Augmented Reality (AR) scenes for you.

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Game design

Let our experts create riddles for your treasure hunts or real-life games.

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Other wishes or needs?

Don't hesitate to get in touch! We would by happy to look for solutions to your craziest project ideas.

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Simplified collaboration through the Design Studio

Just like you, content creators can access the Design Studio. Login to take part in the creation of each point of interest: everyone will make a contribution!
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It is now time to move on to guided tours of the 21st century Our team is looking forward to starting the Pindex Tours experience with you.