Immersive tours solution ready for the 21st century

Engaging and interactive content

Enjoy limitless content creation possibilities to create unique and immersive experiences.

Boost your image and identity

Adjust the design of your tours to match its topic and your brand.

Keep everything under control

Pindex Tour Studio offers you real-time and hassle-free customization. Create new points of interest, change the path, and upgrade your content in a few clicks.

Indoor & outdoor

Pindex Tours work both indoor and outdoor.
CHF 3'250 Setup fee CHF 3'300 Subscription
Number of points of interest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it mandatory to install Beacons?
No, their usefulness depends on your tour.

Outdoors, our team will perform some measurements to know the intensity and precision of available GPS signals. In some cases, such location services are precise enough, and no Beacons are required. However, sometimes, we must install Beacons to enable better location of your visitors. This applies especially to areas with low GPS coverage or city centers with high buildings.

Indoors, no classical location service is usually available. Therefore, we rely on Beacons by default to locate your visitors, especially as they enter a new room or arrive in front of a given artifact.
How is a Pindex Tour billed?
We establish a quote based on installation fees comprising the necessary material (e.g., Beacons) and setup. A yearly subscription that gives you access to the Tour Studio, the customization platform, completes the offer. We typically work on mandates of pre-determined fixed duration.
Is there any minimum subscription duration?
There is no minimum subscription duration for any Pindex Tour purchase. We may create special bespoke offers for one-time events such as festivals or exhibitions that last a few days or months.
What is included in your fees?
Everything from Beacons' installation up to customer service and support. Our fees also comprise insurance against defective or damaged material we provide.