Create a unique and interactive guided tour

Your visitors are looking for unique experiences, in which they feel fully involved: Pindex Interactive Tours allows you to offer them an unforgettable guided tour.

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Immerse your visitors

Your tour is directly available via our application: your visitors will be guided step by step, and will (re)discover the wonders you wish to showcase.

A multitude of medias

Join the right media to each point of interest of your tour: its impact will be amplified, and your visitors delighted.

Augmented reality on hand

Let it be to recreate a historical building, to include an object in order to illustrate your words, or simply to impress the gallery, augmented reality offers you new possibilities.

Discover the PXMedias

For each point of interest, you will be able to offer users a different content: a video, a soundtrack, text, a 3D animation or augmented reality. Combine all types of content to your liking.


Attract new visitors

The interactivity of Pindex Tours is one of its main strengths: associated with the content you offer, this winning combination magnifies your tour.

Test a real interactive tour

Discover with us the power of an interactive tour by testing one of our tours in Saint-Imier.

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